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Winding Road

Jumper in a red dress.

Climb the rocks.

Eyes forward.

Don’t let them know you can see them

Leaping along the periphery

Appearing and disappearing

Shadows, phantoms.

Red ribbon


Don’t let it kill you


Thieves give up nothing, sacrifice nothing...they don’t see the patterns

You're safe, you’ve always been safe

Words mean very little why are you ignoring that?

If you needed it what would be different? What do you deserve?

Stealing from her. Stealing from you.

Organs and appendages

Blood in the road

Red ribbons. Red dresses. Red letters.

Catch the rabbit with your teeth, eat it in the low light

How many hearts before yours starts to thump again?

Moonlight, strobing.

Draw it in. Owls. Desperate for the cold and the quiet

Listen when they say you’re not. Enough is not enough.

© Elizabeth McLaughlin


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