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What are you trying to say?

Why is it, do you think...that we don’t know how to say what we mean?

I don’t care about climate change.

Climates change.

But I do care about pollution and excess.

I do care that we are careless and arrogant and shortsighted.

People can argue about semantics until the last tree burns to the ground. Until the sea chokes on our refuse. They can argue until they are dead and buried.

But there are certain things that aren’t based on opinions. There are certain things that don't depend on presentation. They're just true.

And no matter how far removed we become, no matter how "evolved," This land beneath us is part of us just like any limb or loved one.

We can’t eat plastic or poison. Not for long. Not if we want our children to grow up big an strong.

We can’t fill our lungs with lies. We need air to survive. You know that. Everyone knows that.

So it seems simple enough that we save the trees, and the water and the skies.

Maybe the world is supposed to get hot.

Maybe the ice caps are supposed to melt.

When our bodies are under attack, the fever comes to fight.

And the body sweats and chills.

So maybe she is fighting.

But maybe we are looking at the wrong things.

We are strangling each other in a pit of snakes instead of climbing out together.

Couldn't we could just agree to point our fear out of the path of destruction?

© Elizabeth McLaughlin


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