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Nights Like this One

We might, on some ordinary day…take for granted how beholden we are to the seasons and the countenance of each day and night.

But you can not tell me that you have forgotten, on a night like tonight. When the rain comes down steadily, shining in the dark reflections of the street lamps.

Tell me truthfully that you do not sit in the quiet breathing in the scents of spring like your life depends on it. Like your black and white isn’t bubbling up with colors you’d all but forgotten.

And if you were to pick an evening to arrive here, this would be the right one. And if it was time to leave, well just know that there is such beauty in the way we leave to make room for other things to flourish. Tonight I can tell you with certainty that the heart needs spring rains to keep beating.

Nights like this breathe the life back into us when we grow weary. You must know that the souls needs tending in every season. We crave these moments to our bones. And tonight has come just in time.

© Elizabeth McLaughlin


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